Intivar Female Renewal Gel

If you have experienced vaginal dryness, then you know first hand just how awful it can be. Sex is painful, and you are like some women, you might dread the idea of sex because you do not fully understand why it is painful and it is simply too embarrassing to talk to your doctor about it. What is worse, if you do not feel comfortable talking to your doctor then chances are you won’t feel comfortable talking to your lover about it. So instead you will suffer through the pain and embarrassment of not enjoying sex, while your friends and sometimes even family recant stories of enjoyable encounters.

intivarThere is no need to be embarrassed though, and there is no need to suffer in silence. Products like Intivar can help you. Intivar works in three basic ways, to improve lubrication which makes sex more enjoyable. It increases the blood flow, which makes your vagina constrict giving a tighter feeling that both you and your partner will enjoy and it helps to prevent infections which in turn leads to better hygiene and health.

Usually one of the effects of menopause is vaginal dryness. If you are going through menopause or you have had multiple sexual partners, sex may not be as enjoyable as it once was. Women who have given birth multiple times, and had all vaginal births complain that sex is not as enjoyable as it once was. That is where Intivar renewal gel comes in, applying the gel will make you feel more comfortable and make your sexual encounters more enjoyable.

All of this sounds really good, especially if you have experienced painful sexual encounters in the past. So you might wonder if there are any side effects associated with using Intivar. Since it is made out of all natural ingredients, there are no apparent side effects, yet. However, any time you are changing the chemistry of your body there is risks involved. While women who have used the product have not complained about any adverse reactions you should keep an open mind when it comes to using the product.

There are a lot of natural options when it comes to tightening the vagina, kegal exercises are among the most well-known way to strengthen the vaginal muscles. While Intivar works great to lubricate and make sex more enjoyable if you do not feel the tightening affects then you can always try some kegel exercises along with the gel. Whatever you decide to do, it is always best to try the natural alternatives like Intivar and kegel exercises before you try chemicals or surgery.

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