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Congratulations, Melanie D'Andrea

Project Greenlight Digital Studios and the Plain White T’s are looking for talented, imaginative directors to help create a music video for the band’s next single “Land of the Living”.

Contest Details

Submissions Open 10:00AM PST
Jul 26, 2016
Submissions Open
The “Now Recording" music video contest is officially open for entries. Submit your original video pitch by clicking the “Submit” button above. See the FAQ if you have questions.
Submissions Closed 11:59PM PST
Aug 26, 2016
Submissions Closed
All entries for the “Now Recording" music video contest must be received by 11:59 PM PST Aug 26, 2016. No entries will be accepted after that time.
Public Voting Open 10:00AM PST
Sep 01, 2016
Public Voting Begins
The Top Finalists will be posted at this time and public voting will be opened. Anyone with a Facebook account is welcome to vote, including contest entrants. You may vote on multiple submissions.
Public Voting Closed 11:59PM PST
Sep 09, 2016
Public Voting Ends
Public voting closes at this time and votes will no longer be accepted.
Top 6 Announced 10:00AM PST
Sep 12, 2016
Top 5 Announced
The Top 5 Finalists will be posted at this time for viewing and filmmakers will be notified. The Top 5 Finalists will be reviewed by an industry judging panel to determine a winner.
Final Scenes Due 11:59PM PST
Sep 26, 2016
Final Scenes Due
The final scenes from the top 5 Finalists are due on this date.
Final Scenes Displayed 10:00AM PST
Sep 27, 2016
Winner Announced
The final scenes from the top 5 Finalists are displayed on
Winner Announced 10:00AM PST
Oct 04, 2016
Winner Announced
The winning scene will be posted at this time and will also be announced on YouTube and in social media.

Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Plain White T’s are looking for talented, imaginative directors to help create a music video for the band’s next single “Land of the Living” streaming exclusively on

Beginning July 26, you can enter the contest by creating a one minute long pitch video explaining your music video idea for "Land of the Living".

Five finalists will receive $2,000 to create short concept videos based on their original pitch. One director or directing team will be chosen as the winner and receive $25,000 to create the final music video for Plain White T’s.


Some guidelines for your video:

  • It should include your name and the name of any co-writers/co-directors.
  • It should contain a basic “pitch” for your video.
  • Explain how the video relates to the song.
  • Show us your creativity! Introduce yourself, get down, have fun!

You are also welcome to provide additional information about your video by including a link to a web page where you can share photos, videos, etc.

For more details, make sure to check out the rules page.

Good luck!

One director or directing team chosen as the winner will receive $25,000 to create a music video for Plain White T’s.

1. How do I enter the contest?

Record and upload a video pitch for your music video. The pitch must be at least 1 minute long and no longer than 2 minutes, and must clearly state your music video concept and why your project deserves to win. Click here for a complete list of the creative requirements.

2. I’m a professional director. Can I enter?

If you’re a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), or if you’ve directed a feature film that was acquired for paid distribution, you are not eligible to enter. Otherwise, enter away. For complete contest terms, click here.3. Can I enter if I’m not a U.S. resident?Not currently. While we hope to extend Project Greenlight Digital Studios competitions to other countries in the near future, right now, you must be a U.S. resident (and 18+ years of age) to enter. For complete contest rules, click here.

3. Do I need Facebook to submit an entry to the contest?

Yes, at this time you will need a Facebook account to register with our site and enter the contest. As we expand our platform, we hope to expand to other options in the future.

4. I am getting an error when trying to log in via Facebook.

If you are using Safari, please try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Please note, that cookies MUST be enabled on your browser. Please enable the cookie setting and try again.If that still does not work, please contact

5. How long does my submission have to be?

At least 1 minute long but no longer than 2 minutes.

6. What sort of file formats can I upload?

Only MP4 files are accepted in our system. The aspect ratio must be 1920x1080, and no larger than 1GB.

7. Can I upload other supporting materials?

You can upload a custom thumbnail for your submission pitch video, and include a link to a website with supporting materials, including storyboards, graphics, PDFs, and bio information.

8. Can I submit via smartphone?

While your smartphone’s browser may support mobile submission, we recommend submitting via desktop for best results.

9. What happened to my entry?If you got a confirmation screen on after you uploaded your entry, don’t worry – it’s been submitted. If you did not, or have another question, please email us at

10. How will I know if I made it to the Top 10 Finalists?

We will notify all top finalists via email on August 30th, 2016.

11. Who can vote in the contest?

Voting is open to anyone with a Facebook account, including filmmakers who enter the contest.

12. How will I know if I made it to the Top 5?

We will notify the Top 5 finalists via email on September 12, 2016.

13. How will the winner be announced?

The winner will be contacted personally by the Project Greenlight Digital Studios team on October 4, 2016. He or she will be publicly announced via the same day.

14. What does the winner receive?

One director or directing team chosen as the winner and will receive $25,000 to create a music video for Plain White T’s.

15. Can my team really only have 2 members?

Only two people can submit as official team members. However, we understand that more creative team members might be necessary to complete your project; if you would like, you may note additional attachments/crew members in the "Additional Details" section of your entry.

16. Can U.S. citizens living in other countries apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your submission at this time. As we expand our platform, we hope to be able to interface with international submissions.

17. When does production start? If I can't start immediately, would I be disqualified from the final round?

We will work with our winner or winners to produce the winning submission following a method and timeline that is most convenient for all parties.

18. Can I use a crowdsourcing platform to add more money to my budget?

At this time we are not planning to utilize crowdsourcing to augment our production budget. The winning submission should be capable of being produced for $25,000.

19. Can I submit multiple times?

Only one submission per user is allowed.

20. By entering the contest, does Project Greenlight Digital Studios automatically own my idea?

The very short answer is no, but please see our contest rules and above FAQs for more complete guidance --- we've made a conscious effort to address all legal questions in as simple a way as possible in those documents.

21: The contest rules state that my team is limited to two people. What if I have more than two team members?

For purposes of the initial entry, limit your submission's entrants to either the writer and director, the creators, or any two people you designate as the creative leads on your project.

22. In the "Additional Info" section, what does "Total Time Spent" and "Total Budget" mean?

"Total Budget" means the amount of funds spend on creating your pitch video. "Total Time Spent" is the total amount of time you spent creating your pitch video. These fields are totally optional.

23. In my submission, where do I include links or examples of past work?

You may enter links and previous examples of your work in the "Additional Details" field, as well as any relevant biographical information.

24. I just found out about the extended submissions deadline, but I already submitted my pitch video. Can I resubmit to take advantage of the extra time?

Yes. If you've already submitted a pitch but need to resubmit before the new deadline, please email for instructions.

25. I need a talent release form for my pitch video/short film. Can Project Greenlight Digital Studios send me one?

If requested, we will provide talent release forms to finalists.

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