Given the opportunity, talent can come from anywhere and go everywhere.

Project Greenlight Digital Studios (PGLDS) is a story-driven creative community that exists to empower the next generation of great filmmakers.

Project Greenlight Season 4, which aired on HBO, saw a record turnout of talented filmmakers from across the country submit their work in hopes of being selected to bring their film to life.  As a result of this amazing response from the community, Project Greenlight producers launched the Digital Studios initiative in November of 2015 in order to provide emerging talent with access to the entertainment industry and forge Hollywood relationships. It continues to provide real and powerful opportunities for creators everywhere.

“... A whole new generation of filmmakers has grown up sharing everything, and the next big director could be just an upload away.”
— Ben Affleck, Project Greenlight Co-Founder
“When approached about being part of the advisory committee, not only was I honored, I was excited that after having worked on the original Project Greenlight series at Miramax I would have the opportunity to work again on such a great platform built to help rising filmmakers.”
— Shannon McIntosh, Producer, The Hateful Eight
“When I moved from Michigan to LA in the fall of 2001, Project Greenlight was the best (and only) mentor I had to get a sense of what Hollywood was all about. I’m excited to join their digital advisory board to repay the favor, and overcommit other people at Funny or Die as much as possible.”
— Mike Farah, CEO, Funny or Die


what we provide:

  • Creative competitions for emerging filmmakers, providing the chance to get your projects produced
  • 24/7 content discovery and the chance to vote on and greenlight concepts you like
  • Resources for producing projects and connecting with other filmmakers
  • Tips, interviews, and hangouts with leaders in both the Hollywood and digital native filmmaking communities
  • An original slate of projects produced by Greenlighters